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December 7, 2017

“The Jury is still out” on evolution.

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George Walker Bush the forty-third and current President of the United States of America:
“The jury is still out” on evolution.

I agree

Hello Everyone,
The common theme among many replies here is that science has nothing to say about those things… vis-a-vis.. Religion, Faith , and by inference Creationism.

I disagree.

The philosophy of “science” so called, or the philosophy of a general evolutionary type movement within “science”, the “scientific method” only crowd,  strongly leans a person to atheism or agnosticism at minimum IMHO.
Illustrated by this statement I will make but not agree with,
Every area of knowledge must be proven by the “scientific method”.

Why do you all claim it stops at religion and faith? Carry this philosophy to its conclusion.

The crux.
God must be proven by the scientific method.
and in its wake,
matters of faith and religion also.

In some ways I don’t have a problem with that.
I personally think that true science does point to God and someday will prove that.
In the meantime I have no problem with saying things change and adapt over time.
I have no problem with a old or a young earth.

What I have a problem with is not giving God the glory for his creation.
That is the real issue beyond these speculations about mechanics of creation.


ozero wrote:

vis: “…the “scientific method” only crowd, strongly leans a person to atheism or agnosticism at minimum IMHO.”

Don’t you think that the real problem is not science pushing people toward atheism or agnosticism, but “creationism religion”. People are not stupid and they can see the dishonesty and deceit and politicization within the fundamentalist movement. None of the real Christian denominations are complaining about science turning their people off, they suggest other problems. No other sect is so full of such obvious liars. I’m not talking about people who make statements that they truly believe in, but are in error, but people who know that what they are claiming are lies. They’ve been called on them before, acknowledged them publicly and then turn around and use the same lies the next time they speak at a church or gathering. I don’t think anything is as deadly to faith as deceit. Within science there have been lies, piltdown man etc, that are often brought up by creationists, but the people who exposed those lies were scientists. Of all the top creationists who have been exposed as liars, none of them were brought to the carpet by other creationists. It makes it appear that the whole movement is dishonest, is the problem. Start a movement to bring honesty to your religion and maybe you wouldn’t see so many of them going to atheism or agnosticism.

The following reply is my opinion.

Hello, lets be clear on one thing,

Rev 21:8 “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

This is the warning that Creationists including myself should listen and heed.
The majority of Creationists are people of the “word” and try to live there lives the opposite of liars.

The minority do not. They “bend” reality (sic) for the greater good (or so it appears to them, sometimes unintentionally).

This very much grieves many.

The “YEC creationism” is not a tenet of faith in Jesus or salvation IMHO,
To me Creation by God is a paramount statement but becoming born again is the major concern. The Creation mechanics of how or why are in his hands.

That said I still favor a literal translation of the Bible.
I still contend that Jesus is a valid figure in history and in the current time ( and to me the Savior).
That Genesis is a most Logical and Beautiful and accurate Creation account.
I apologize to all here who where offended by “creationist” liars. I can assure you that many, many, creationists are not.

Just as many Christian Television shows are NOT hosted by con men. Some maybe, the minority.

In His service,


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