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January 22, 2008


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In regards to Noahs Flood.
Some may wonder why waste your time on such silliness?
But is it a waste of time? Personally I do not think so. There are many stories in the bible that seem scientifically impossible.

The story of Adam and Eve and how Eve came from Adams rib.
How the sun stopped in the sky.
The parting of the red sea.
The snake raised on a staff heals people.
Jonah and the whale.
Noah’s flood.
Jesus is born of a virgin with no human father.
Jesus heals the blind.
Jesus raises from the dead (Lazarus also)
Jesus ascends to heaven.
These things also seem scientifically impossible at this time.
Yet I contend they did happen. By faith yes… but also by reason. Any common reason would show how could 1 man than 12 men change the world?
There is something real here….. The results show it.
Am I to base my religious theology on what science can prove at the time? I think not.
That said it is always nice when and if science can reinforce faith.
Therefore the evidence for the flood must be there.

It has to be….. If it is not well……
Huston we have a problem.
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